6 Useful WordPress Plugins That Can Enhance Your Blog

WordPress is a content management system and software program that offers free and open source blogging facility to users.Word Press is based on PHP and MySQL. It is the most popular blogging system over the internet in today’s time.The main purpose of word press is to build or maintain a website. It carries a plug-in, theme, and widgets that enhance its presence and makes better its functionality. Word Press designs offers exciting and beautiful themes that offer a fresh feel to bloggers. A user-friendly publishing platform can be handled with a simple browser that gives you a freedom to create and edit new webpages and blog posts, which requires no knowledge of HTML and other coding language.Word Press has attracted professionals with its open source and free platform features. Now, we will discuss the WordPress plug-ins, which are very useful for your business blogs.

Ninja Popups:

Ninja Popups is a powerful plug-in that helps to convert your visitors into your subscribers. It exactly appears when your visitors are reading the post or content, Ninja Popups brings many offers like subscription that you want to offer them. Ninja Popups is easy to use and configure. It supports video platform on the popup. It also supports email marketing and social network integration. Ninja Popups comes with many layouts and colors. It provides a popup about subscribe to newsletter, offer discounts and email subscription list, engaging with content of your website. Ninja Popups is like a marketing tool that works silently and converts your visitors into subscribers. Ninja Popups also works with mobile devices. It also provides analytic feature to track different performance of your popups. It offers different templates with multi-color, font, and alignment option.You can set the time and place of Ninja Popups on your website or blog.

uSquare-Universal responsive grid for Word Press:

uSquare is a square shaped grid that enhances your content display by providing a great look. You can display your products, services, designs, blog posts or anything that comes in your mind. It gives you a scrollable content and fully customizable platform. Grid can be modified according to your needs and provide flexibility for any size of content.It provides a responsible layout with all visible elements and resolutions for layout.

Word Press SEO by Yoast:

This plug-in specially designed for SEO with different features that makes easy work for SEO and enhance the performance of Word Press.

  • Post preview: It offers a content preview facility from that you can judge how your page will look like in search result. It will enhance the click through in a search engine. It will help in getting high ranking in search result.
  • Page Analysis: It helps you in setting up templates for Meta description and titles for all webpages. It automatically searches the suitable keyword for your content. You can also manually write Meta titles and description for all categories, tag, and archives.
  • Permalink: It automatically optimizes and inserts the Meta links and tags that are suitable to Google and other search engines. Therefore, your content will be found under the perfect URL.
  • XML Sitemap: Word Press SEO has an advanced XML sitemap functionality. When you check the box, it will automatically generate XML sitemaps and informs Google and other search engines about sitemaps existence. It also includes an image in your post so that search engine will find it easily. It gives a better reading experience to readers.
  • RSS Optimization: It provides a link in both the beginning and the end that helps to prevent people from scrapping your blog. It will create a high-ranking chance for a chosen keyword.Thus, it allows you a back link for your blog and the blog post.
  • Edit robots.txt and .htaccess: You can edit robots.txt and .htaccess straight from the file menu of the word press SEO Plugin. You can easily track your file and check the update for them.

After the Deadline- Word Press Grammar Plug in:

Grammar is an important part of your post blog, which leaves a good impression to readers. Word Press has a spell checker tool, which guides you about right use of spelling but After the Deadline plugin will work as a proofreader. It will check for hidden verb, clichés, negative sentence, and more.

Just login to your dashboard, go to plugin, and click on “add new.” Search for “After the Deadline” and click to install then click on the activate button.

Word Press E-mail Newsletter Plugin:

You can send bulk professional newsletter to your user database. It is easy to install and operate for a user. You can choose the group to which you want to send bulk newsletters. This plugin will also notify about email bouncing. You can place a limit, date and time for a daily email sending activity.

A sidebar facility allows people to subscribe and view previous newsletters. It automatically converts links into traceable items, so you will have a list of people who have read your newsletters. You can edit in HTML template using Dreamweaver before sending newsletter.

W3 Total Cache:

A plugin assures about website performance by caching every aspect of your site. This plugin makes your website load faster and thereby improves the performance of a website. It helps in reducing website loading time so that visitors will have a chance to view new pages of your website.It saves up to 80% bandwidth saving via Minify and HTTP compression of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and RSS feed.

W3 Total Cache is compatible with shared hosting and dedicated or VPN. It refers to caching of posts and pages stored either in memory or disk. It also saves RSS, database objects, third party CSS, search result pages for the future use. There are many blogs like Mashable, pearsonified, noupe, webdesignerdepot use W3 Total Cache plugin. It provides CDN (content delivery network) integration with media library and themes. The overall speed of your server will increase with this smart plugin.

Final Conclusion:

Word Press is really a great platform for bloggers. There are thousands of themes, widgets, plugins, which makes it amazing, and favourites for website owners and bloggers. As there are many plugins listed in Word Press and here, it is an attempt to show the grandness of word press to readers by discussing some of its plugins.

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  1. Greg Murch says:

    W3 Total Cache can cause an issue with Ninja popups if the minify option is selected

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