How To Build Your Own Custom WordPress Premium Theme Admin – Part 1


If you’re creating themes for other people as a freelancer or you want to sell themes on places like…

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PHP API Development: Dreaming Of Your Own API? Make It Possible Today!

I have often dreamed of creating an API for one of my sites but I’ve always set it aside as…

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Top 15 JavaScript frameworks you could use today


I love JavaScript and the complexity of what you can do to make your website more interactive and dynamic. Ajax…

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WordPress Custom Post Types: Doing it the right way!

custom post types

I’m sure you’ve heard of custom post types before, it’s on every WordPress developers mind. Today I want to show…

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Search On Steriods: Build A Better Search Engine For Your Site


Have you ever wanted to build your own search engine or just enhance you current site search for you website?…

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How To Create a File With PHP And Write Content To It


One of my tasks for a project was to create an XML file with simple XML fields to be able…

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