The Best Javascript Libraries To Spice Up Your New Projects

Sometimes we need some fresh ideas for our projects and the following list of JavaScript Libraries will help you get going. Hopefully one of these will help spice up that new project of yours.


Build good looking forms with Uniform. Uniform makes it possible to style form elements. It really something that will spice up your form building experience, as it usually is a boring thing to do.


Build touch gestures for you website so that your users can use their phone’s touch abilities. Really something you should look in to as the mobile market is growing bigger every day.


MiniJS is a suite of jQuery plugins written in Coffee script.  MiniJS includes a text counter, tooltips, slider, notifications, feed and alerts.

Presenteer JS

A HTML5 Presentation tool that makes it easy with just one line of code to implement presentation slides on your site. Have a look I’m sure you will like it.

Pep JS

Pep is a lightweight plugin to create a kinetic drag effect for mobile and desktop devices. It’s best used on HTML5 ready devices like Smart Phones and Tablets.

Tiny Scrollbar JS

Now you can make any content scrollable with this lightweight jquery plugin. Easily add scrollbars to text and images. It includes support for Iphone, Ipad and Android devices.


ResponsiveSlides.js is a slider that will fit right in there with you responsive designs. Use ResponsiveSlides.js along with twitter bootstrap and you have a winner.  Responsive designs are the way forward so doesn’t neglect this powerful lightweight plugin.

Real Shadow

Real Shadow is a pretty neat plugin for giving a good interactive shadow effects to your site elements.


Pow.js is a sunburst generator, pretty neat for those projects you want to have the sunburst effect for.


Summarize large data sets on the fly with Pivot.js. Nice to display data reports for your clients.


Starage.js uses HTML5’s content editable and local Storage attributes to create a great live editing and storing ability for you site. It kind of reminds me of that JavaScript browser trick you can do to edit live content.

jQuery Scroll Depth

Track how far people scroll down on your site. It sends stats to Google Analytics, really nice if you’re addicted to stats like I am.

jQuery NailThumb

This is probably the good alternative to the popular timthumb script. Creates thumbnails from High-Res images.


Add a nice rippling lake affect to your images, that is if you’re in to this type of thing.


Create some really cool hover effects with hoverdir.js, here is a jsfiddle example.


This gives you the capability to position elements to any elements even if they are hidden.


Create some pretty neat looking graphs similar to that of Google Analytics.


SlabText is one of my favorite jQuery plugins. If you use this correctly with a nice looking font you will love this.

Wookmark Jquery

Create a grid layout look similar to that of the site.


Glisse is a responsive and customizable photo viewer.

jQuery Scroll Path

Scroll Path is a really awesome plugin which helps to set custom scroll paths. The type of scroll paths include to the left, to the right, up, down, merry go round you name it. It just plain awesome!


Create a really cool page flipper out of your web content. It works well with mobile devices.


Create parallax effects with Stellar.js. It’s great to add some cool scrolling effects. Be sure to check out the demos.


Reveal hidden content with pageslide. Some ideas come to mind like showing a contact form.

jQuery Transit

Create super smooth css3 transitions / animation effects with jQuery Transit.

Let me know what you think of the list above. I love these plugins and hope you will love them too.

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3 Responses to The Best Javascript Libraries To Spice Up Your New Projects

  1. Offirmo says:

    Lots of useful libs that will definitely make their way into my app !
    A slight copy/paste error : stellar.js link points on turn.js.
    Thanks again !

  2. Morné says:

    Thanks for letting me know :) I will fix this soon.

  3. Veronika Lindorenko says:

    I was amazed by your list of JavaScript libraries. All of them are useful in web development but I suggest that you add there a new javascript UI components library Webix. This library allows developers to build web apps with rich UI for both mobile and desktop devices. Other features you can find here

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