The December 2011 Comment & Win winner is…

Our monthly Comment & Win competition has its second winner YAY! I’m so happy that you guys are commentating and giving input on my articles.

I just want to say thanks to Ed Burns for his valuable comments. I really hope to see more people taking part, who knows maybe I draw you as one of the lucky people.

Here is a small Q & A I gave to Ed.

* Where are you from?

Colorado Spring, CO, USA

* What do you do for a living?

Software Development, Internet Consulting, Website Support 

* How did you find


* What type of educational tutorials are you interested in?

Love to see how to information on technical subjects.

* What would be the one thing that you think we can improve on that would make our visitors happy?

You know, I looked over the site and the content it good, it is readable, logically presented - and you respond personally to comments posted.  Hard to improve on that.

* Do you have a website and what is it about?

Business site / Technology & how-to blog (when I have time)


I’m looking for some topic suggestions to write about, If you want to know something let me know maybe I can teach you about it. I’m also thinking about doing some video tutorials in the future. So keep an eye open for this.

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Enjoy the weekend!

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I'm a full time PHP developer and I just love all things web related. If you need help I'm your guy.

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